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Just Thinking.........Again

Lessons from Hosea

Saturday, September 10, 2016
The ancient words still hold true.

The most important message among many is missed by many.  They miss it among the prophetic words the wrath of God and judgment He brings at times.  We often see God 'out of focus' in the Old Testament; like He's a cosmic killjoy out to get us.  Look for the consistent, important message that still speaks today; the message of hope.  With every judgment comes a call to repentance.  With every declaration of wrath comes a time of renewal and a future hope.  However, the future is now.  Time grows short.  Let the call to repentance do its work in your life.  Trust in Jesus and then let the Spirit renew you as He fills you up.

Hosea himself finds out firsthand what a damaged relationship is like and the feelings of dealing with an unfaithful wife.  Hosea can deliver his message with understanding and passion because he is living through it.   His life becomes a living message of God dealing with his unfaithful people.  Hosea shows us several things about the nature of God. 

  1. God suffers when his people are unfaithful.
    1. He is a good, good Father who has gone to great lengths to draw us to him.
    2. This deep love causes deep pain as God's heart breaks over the damaged relationship.
  2. Yet, God does not, and will not condone sin.
    1. While God is loving, he is also just.  
    2. By faith, God's people can find forgiveness of sins
    3. God is long-suffering, holding back the wrath that is deserved; all the while correcting and guiding His people to Himself.
  3. God will never cease to love us.
    1. God's love never fails.
    2. He chastens and corrects.
    3. His anger is just and righteous.
    4. God's love still hasn't failed and never will.
  4. He always seeks to win back those who forsake him.
    1. We run away, we fall and falter; we sin and find our self so far away from our heavenly Father.  How could he ever have us back?
    2. He not only allows us to come back, He actively seeks to win back those who have forsaken Him. 

There are so many parallels with the culture of Hosea's time and our culture. 

  1. We have forgotten the things that made us great. 
  2. We take for granted our material wealth as if we deserve it or earned in some way.  Yet, we see others in the world that are without the basic needs in life.  We'll do our part to help out as long as it isn't too much of an inconvenience. 
  3. The people who built this land were men who feared God.  They were men who were willing to die for their beliefs.  Our freedom has been preserved by those willing to lay down their life to preserve it.  In this day, we just demand that the government fix it.  We throw money at the problem or we rewrite the rules so that it is no longer a problem. Test scores low in schools?  Lower the standards.  Teenage pregnancy rates are high?  Offer abortion.  On and on it goes.  We offer mans answer to the sin that is our affliction.

Be Blessed.


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