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Acts study & commentary

The book of Acts is the 2nd book Luke wrote to Theophilus.  It probably wasn’t titled ‘Acts’ originally.  It became known as Acts; and the Greek word used for Acts is used to describe achievements of great men.  The ‘of the apostles’ is added by many.  More appropriate might be ‘Acts of the Holy Spirit through the Apostles'.


We see from Luke’s use of first person language it seems he was a eyewitness to many of the events of Acts.  The book was probably written right before Paul went to Rome about 60-62 A.D.   This date would explain why Luke didn’t write about James death (62 A.D.)  or Nero (64 A.D.) or the fall of Jerusalem (70 A.D.). 


Luke was a physician per Colossians 4:14.  But many bible scholars believe that the slaves of wealthy men were usually the physicians.  Luke may well have been a slave.  Some believe that Theophilus was Luke’s owner who later freed him.

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The Holy Spirit is promised; The Ascension of Jesus; Upper room meeting; Mathias selected as replacement for Judas;
Coming of the Holy Spirit;
The Crowd's Response;
Peter's Sermon;
A Vital Church Grows;
A Lame Man Healed; Preaching in Solomon's Portico
Peter and John Arrested
Addressing the Sanhedrin
The Name of Jesus Forbidden
Prayer for Boldness
Sharing in All Things
Lying to the Holy Spirit;
Continuing Power in the Church;
Imprisoned Apostles Freed;
Apostles on Trial Again;
Gamaliel's Advice
Seven Chosen to Serve;
Stephen Accused of Blasphemy
Stephen's Address: The Call of Abraham;
The Patriarchs in Egypt;
Israel Rebels Against God;
God's True Tabernacle;
Israel Resists the Holy Spirit;
Stephen the Martyr
Saul Persecutes the Church;
Christ Is Preached in Samaria;
The Sorcerer's Profession of Faith;
The Sorcerer's Sin;
Christ Is Preached to an Ethiopian
The Damascus Road: Saul Converted;
Ananias Baptizes Saul;
Saul Preaches Christ;
Saul Escapes Death;
Saul at Jerusalem;
The Church Prospers;
Aeneas Healed;
Dorcas Restored to Life
Cornelius Sends a Delegation;
Peter's Vision;
Summoned to Caesarea;
Peter Meets Cornelius;
Preaching to Cornelius' Household;
The Holy Spirit Falls on the Gentiles