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Ruth 2

Ruth meets Boaz

Ruth 2:1-2

We see Ruth's spirit and heart.  She was a Moabite woman in a strange land; a land she wasn't necessarily welcomed into and she was a testimony to Elimelech's unfaithfulness.  These women were poor so Ruth sets out to make a way for them.  She goes to the field to glean and Naomi agrees that she should go.

This gleaning was a means of providing for the poor and needy.  It gave them an opportunity to receive food while also working for it.  The law commanded this in Leviticus 19:9-10 and Leviticus 23:22.  We don't really know if everyone actually allowed this to happen.   

Boaz means strength.  Boaz was the son Rehab the prostitute (Matthew 1:5)


Ruth 2:3-4

The attitude and heart of Ruth brings to mind the woman in Matthew 15:27 who just sought a crumb from the master's table.  She was humble and knew she didn't deserve anything but asked for just a crumb from the Lord.  The Lord commended her great faith. 

Humbly, Ruth sets out to do what needs done to eat and feed Naomi.  She falls in behind he reapers to glean in the field.  This is no coincidence that she ended up in Boaz's field.  God's hand is on this entire situation and this was a divine appointment.

It's worth noting that Boaz wasn't off somewhere counting his money or living a cushy life.  He was in the field and had a relationship with the workers, greeting them and talking to them. 


Ruth 2:5-7

Ruth may have in fact caught the eye of Boaz, but at this point there is no reason to think there is any romantic interest.  With Boaz finding out she is a Moabite, it was less likely there would be any interest.


Ruth 2:8-9

What an unexpected kindness and a blessing.  We can only imagine the loneliness and the hopeless feeling of trying to keep food on the tale in this time and place.  What a blessing for Ruth that the Lord would bring someone to offer her provisions, safety.


Ruth 2:10

Ruth acknowledged she was a foreigner and this was more than she could have ever expected.  It's as if she asked, "Who am I that you would care for me?"


Ruth 2:11-13

The Lord honors us when we honor him.  Ruth had made the hard decision and put herself in an uncomfortable place in coming back.  But she named Naomi's God as her God.  While she probably wasn't aware that anyone even noticed her before, the world was watching her.  Because of the kindness shown, Ruth desired even more to be found favorable to Boaz.  This was Ruth's way of saying thank you.

We are being watched in a similar way.  Do we take the easy way?  Do we compromise when we feel no one is watching?  Character is what you do when no one is watching.  Christian Character is even more important than personal character because it reflects the God we serve.


Ruth 2:14-16

Ruth is not aware that Boaz is the Kinsman redeemer for the family.  Yet, she is experiencing his grace.  In reference to the typologies I discussed at the beginning of the book, we should note that this gentile is sitting at the table, being provided for, protected and loved on before she is ever aware of the significance of Boaz. 

This brings to mind the Lord's feeding of the 4000 (probably really 10,000 or so) gentiles.  The Lord sat them down and supped with them in a precursor to a messianic feast.  All they knew at the time was that this Jesus gave them something to eat. 

It is also worth noting that Boaz brings a gentile to his table to sit among the others and eat and he serves her.  This is beyond hospitality and kindness.  We have to think this could at least hint at Romance.

Finally, Ruth returns to the task at hand while Boaz prepares a way for her.  He is assuring her continued provision and blessing.


Ruth 2:17-18

Ruth works all day to glean, she threshed what she gathered and had an Ephah of grain.  This is about a five gallon bucket of Barly, approximately thirty pounds.  This is a tremendous blessing to someone who had nothing.  She takes this home to Naomi as well as sharing the leftovers from her meal with Boaz. 


Ruth 2:19

So she told her mother-in-law with whom she had worked, and said, "The man's name with whom I worked today is Boaz."


Ruth 2:20

Naomi informs Ruth that Boaz is their Kinsman redeemer (goel).  This offered hope to Naomi that Boaz might act as their goel.  It's a good time to read the Deuteronomy 25:5-10 to see the Kinsman Redeemer law.


Ruth 2:21-23

Naomi liked Ruth's plan to stay close to the fields of Boaz as the young men harvested the grain.  Somewhere along the line, Naomi would have had to explain to Ruth this law of the Kinsman Redeemer since she, as a Moabitess, would know nothing of it. 

There is a field east of Bethlehem called field of Boaz and next to it Shepherds field.  It is believed in Jewish tradition that the field where Ruth met Boaz would be the field where the angels announced the birth of Jesus. 


Psalm 69 A great Psalm when in despair or feeling overwhelmed with the world.


©2015 Doug Ford